In today’s fast-paced life, it is easy to adopt unhealthy behaviors. Obesity is caused by combination of unhealthy food choices, absence of regular physical activity, lack of sleep etc. Obesity in India has become a big problem. According to about 30 million Indians are obese and 40 % Indians are doing nothing about it. It is predicted to double in the next 5 years & according to statistics 1 in 3 Indians is overweight. It also indicates that Urban Indians are majorly affected but increasing awareness has triggered a change in aspirations and behavior.

Weight management is a consistent effort to sustain a good lifestyle over a longer period of time. It is about leading a balanced life which includes a balance of healthy eating habits and physical exercise. A thorough understanding of what suits your body helps in controlling unhealthy habits like over consumption of food while maintaining optimal body weight and percentage of body fat.

In urban India more and more consumers are willing to spend money in an effort to improve their appearance. With hectic work schedules, Indians are looking for easy, effective and personalized ways to manage their weight and look presentable. W.O.W. (Will over Weight) being a holistic, personalized weight management program has been created keeping in mind the needs of the Indian consumer.