Our belief is that no single weight regime can work for everyone. Hence PERSONALIZATION is the key. Keeping this in mind, AMWAY thoroughly studied the urban Indian lifestyle.

W.O.W. is developed by a team of leading scientists, researchers and nutritional experts at Nutrilite Health Institute (NHI) based on an extensive research in collaboration with Indian Food & Nutrition expert, Ms. Shubi Husain.

The program was developed based on deep research into the factors that contribute to lasting weight management.

  • A comprehensive review of best practices in successful weight management programs
  • An in-depth exploration of hundreds of research studies on key factors that influence a person’s ability to achieve or maintain an ideal weight
  • Interviews with global experts on weight management related topics like diet, nutrition, exercise and more

The research pointed to 6 important lifestyle issues which affect your ability to manage weight: Diet, Physical activity, Mindset, Stress, Sleep and Meal habits and the program recommends a customized healthy weight management regime which can easily fit into your lifestyle keeping these six important lifestyle factors in mind.