You’re about to embark on the journey to unlock a new you. Nutrilite W.O.W. is a comprehensive and personalized weight management program based on your lifestyle habits – Diet, Physical Activity, Sleep, Mindset, Stress and Meal Habits – as well as other factors like age, gender and personal goals.

90-Day Nutrilite W.O.W. Weight Management Journey


  • Know Your Body
  • Know Your Barriers
  • Know What to Change
  • Know Your Achievement

Let’s jump-start your weight-management journey with Nutrilite W.O.W.

Below are simple instructions to guide you.

  • Download the NutriliteWOW App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Compatible with iPhone 4S/iOS7 or newer, Android 4.3 (Jellybean) with BLE or newer.
  • Sync and Pair the NutriliteWOW App with your InBodyBAND, and follow through the instructions.
  • Unlock your weight management barriers by completing the NHI personalized assessment.
  • Ensure you set your Goals for the number of steps and target weight (-/+) per week.
  • The Nutrilite W.O.W. App provides you daily meal advice which is customized for you.