I reclaimed the fitter and happier looking me with W.O.W. program!

My W.O.W. journey began three months back. Due to my inappropriate eating habits and weakness for sweets, I had been gaining weight. And reaching 94 Kg on the scale sent chills down my spine. I realised that things have gone beyond my control. I identified the problem but couldn’t find a solution that would fit into my lifestyle without hitting hard on my mind and body. I tried gym and skipped a few meals as well but gave up after a few weeks. So I was back from where I had begun and later ended up gaining more than what I had lost.

Then one day I came to know that AMWAY is coming up with a personalised weight management program. Being an ABO I got an invitation for the launch event of Nutrilite W.O.W. program. I made sure to attend the event. I have had a great relationship with AMWAY since past many years which raised my expectation from this programme.

At the launch event, I took the personalised assessment test. Answered a set of 53 questions based on six lifestyle keys - Diet, Physical Activity, Mind-set, Stress, Sleep, and eating habits. After the assessment I received my first personalised recommendation report. It had all the positives and negatives about my lifestyle. The report showed high level of stress, inappropriate eating habits and very low activity level. First step of solving a problem means accepting there’s one. So, I accepted mine from that very moment I promised myself to fight all those negative aspects. On the positive side I received very simple and lifestyle- friendly recommendations such as a daily cardio regime for 30-40 minutes and a meal plan according to Delhi state diet which I chose while answering the questions. This meal plan had everything I love to eat and the only few changes were made in the meal portion sizes, Bodykey shake in place of unhealthy snacks and a few more add-ons like more salads.

Based on my assessment results and recommendations, I made adjustments in my daily routine by following a low carb diet, increasing my daily activity level, taking sufficient rest, etc. Some short exercise videos are also available in the NutriliteWOW app that I can watch and follow easily. I enjoy taking the delicious W.O.W. Bodykey shake every day. It had everything to satisfy my sweet tooth while fulfilling all the nutritional requirements of my body needs. Personally I believe W.O.W. is the most comprehensive and personalised Weight Management Program in the market today. It motivates you to make the right decisions every day – by selecting the right diet plans, food and supplements, engaging in exercises and by incorporating healthy lifestyle habits and balance in everything you do.

The biggest support which has motivated me is the community group. It’s a WhatsApp group where we can share our weekly achievements. All my group members used to post something motivational almost every day, I too started sharing my side of the story every now and then.

After two months of participation in the program, I lost a massive 11 Kgs and my body fat percentage reduced to about 8-10%. Now I feel more energetic and I can handle stress better. I surprised myself! I shared my picture on Facebook and all my friends were shocked. A few were jealous too, but in good taste and all wanted to know my secret. I told them there is no secret, it is simply wow!


  • - W.O.W. stands for ‘Will Over Weight’
  • - A Weight Management Program
  • - Not for medicinal use
  • - Not a substitute for a balanced diet

The views and opinions expressed in the article are solely of Mr. Aimon Wall in his personal capacity and do not reflect the views of Amway India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Amway India explicitly disclaim any and all liability that may result from such views and opinions.