Within 90 days I lost 11 Kgs and the best compliment of my life was by my father. He said “you have shrunk”.


I am 54 years and I have been struggling with my weight since my 40’s. I started with various kind of fitness regimes and hired a personal trainer too. It worked and I lost around 10 Kgs but I got bored after few months. I stopped following my fitness regime and slowly I gained more than what I lost. Then, someone suggested a dietician. I tried that too and started a zero-carb and soya rich diet. It worked too. I lost almost 20 Kgs but due to absence of carbohydrate in my food I started feeling week and I fell sick. I had to give up that diet and went back to my normal diet. Once again I gained more than 20 Kgs in few months. After few attempts I gave up on everything related to weight management because every time I gained more than what I lost.

My W.O.W. journey:

Being an ABO, I got an invitation for the launch of Amway’s new weight management program. I got excited as I have been using Amway products for a long time and for me anything from Amway means quality. At the launch event of Nutrilite W.O.W. program, I took my first personalised assessment test. After the test I received a personalised recommendation report. It was based on a set of 53 questions I had answered during the assessment. My report included almost everything about me and my lifestyle, from my metabolic rate, eating habits, stress levels and mind set to the duration and quality of my sleep. The report also included a very delicious south Indian meal plan and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read it. I had to eat 6 times a day! My activity advice included any exercise of my choice, 3 times a week. I followed, or I must say, I enjoyed my W.O.W. journey very much! All I had to do was eat as per the recommended diet plan and do some fitness exercises only thrice a week.

My InBodyBAND assists me like a watchful buddy in my W.O.W. journey. It is the only fitness band which can do body fat analysis. It kept an eye on my activity status like a vigilant coach and last but not the least, alerted me with notifications about my meal time and other activities involved in the program.

W.O.W. program gave me everything I needed to lose weight in a healthy way. The whole program is planned in a very holistic manner; it allows you to manage your weight in the easiest way one could imagine. Within 90 days I lost 11 Kgs and the best compliment of my life I got from my father. He said “you have shrunk”. All those people especially in their late 50’s, if you are looking for an easy way to manage your weight, W.O.W. is the easiest.


  • - W.O.W. stands for ‘Will Over Weight’
  • - A Weight Management Program
  • - Not for medicinal use
  • - Not a substitute for a balanced diet

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