I feel 10 years younger, it’s a W.O.W. feeling!

Need to lose weight:

I am 49 and soon I’ll be 50, with growing age weight management too becomes a priority as it adversely affects the overall health. I have always been a plump person. My weight never bothered me but now as I am approaching 50 and aware of health related issues like osteoporosis and diabetes, it does. I am getting conscious that I have to do something about my weight.

My first W.O.W. bundle!

Being an Amway ABO I got to know about the launch of a personalised weight management program. I received my first W.O.W. bundle at the launch event. Also, I came to know that I have been chosen as a W.O.W. ambassador. Like other ABOs present at the event I took the personalised assessment test and answered a set of 53 questions.

My W.O.W. journey started with my first personalised recommendation report.

I have never done anything special to manage my weight. I used to skip meals and tried working out once or twice in a week, but nothing on regular basis. But the moment I received my first personalised recommendation report, I realised that I was fooling myself. The report showed that I had a very low activity level and due to my hectic lifestyle and inappropriate eating habits my fat percentage level was also on a higher side. But then the report had all the solutions to help me manage my weight in a healthy way.

My Bengali Meal Plan, a delicious way to lose weight!

With my recommendation report I got an amazing meal plan which had only Bengali dishes. Now, that’s what I call personalisation. This meal plan told me the appropriate meal sizes which would fulfil my nutritional requirements without compromising on my eating habits. I reduced the over usage of oil in my food and portions of sweets in my daily diet.

The hurdles:

My hectic lifestyle had always been a hurdle in my weight management plans. But W.O.W. program recommended me easy-to-follow exercise regimes and diet plans that fitted seamlessly into my lifestyle. The W.O.W. community group on WhatsApp kept me motivated. And last but not the least my InBodyBAND tracked my activity status 24x7, just like a buddy.

I won!

I lost 7 Kgs in just 2 months. Simply unbelievable because I didn’t realise that I really had done anything extra to achieve it. I would personally recommend W.O.W. program to all those people who are looking for an easy way to manage their weight. It is not easy; it is the easiest.


  • - W.O.W. stands for ‘Will Over Weight’
  • - A Weight Management Program
  • - Not for medicinal use
  • - Not a substitute for a balanced diet

The views and opinions expressed in the article are solely of Ms. Sashwati in her personal capacity and do not reflect the views of Amway India Enterprises Pvt Ltd. Amway India explicitly disclaim any and all liability that may result from such views and opinions.